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25 Reasons We Are Proud of Woodside Elementary!

Bright Futures Begin at Woodside Elementary

The West Ottawa Elementary school teachers and staff at Woodside are pleased to have you join us in the exciting endeavor of educating your children! We look forward to working with you and your child(ren) in this exciting educational partnership. Parents and educators want to see children succeed in a safe and supportive learning environment.

Together we can ensure all students have a successful school year!

25 Reasons We are Proud of Woodside Elementary!

(listed in no particular order…)

1. We embrace and celebrate diversity!

2. We enjoy a supportive and active PTO!

3. Our staff is dedicated and eager to grow professionally!

4. We provide various learning opportunities for all students!

5. We have positive and caring leadership!

6. We ensure a safe learning environment!

7. Our office staff is warm and welcoming!

8. We form meaningful connections with all students inside and outside of school!

9. Each staff member is willing to go ABOVE & BEYOND!

10. Woodside is jam-packed with fun, positive people!

11. We have a PTO “Welcome Wagon!”

12. Woodside is filled with fabulous families!

13. Our staff is proud to collaborate in professional learning communities!

14. We have Spirit Sticks!

15. We offer each student access to great literature!

16. Our instructional decisions are founded in high expectations!

17. We recognize achievements of all kinds!

18. There is just a certain energy you can only feel at Woodside! Stop in and visit… you’ll experience it, too!

19. Our Food Service staff is awesome!

20. We love to showcase our work to the community during Family Nights, Celebration of Learning and more!

21. We utilize technology in our lesson plans and seek ways to innovate every day!

22. Our Autistic Program is filled with patient and caring teachers and assistants!

23. We work hard to differentiate instruction!

24. Both the teachers and the students are eager to learn!

25. Of course there are challenges here at Woodside. We say, “Bring it on!