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International Baccalaureate

West Ottawa High School and the IB Diploma Program

WOHS is proud to offer the prestigious IB Diploma Program. The IB Diploma Program is an international educational program that is recognized by many of the world’s leading colleges and universities. The program is completed during the junior and senior years of high school. Students complete coursework in six subject areas, along with the core requirements (CAS, Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay).

IB Diploma Program Coordinator: Mrs. Corban Van Dam
Phone: 616.738.6818

Student Testimonials, IB Diploma Program Alumni

-”IB has prepared me for college by having an open mind. An open-mind to educators, to education, to opportunities, to friends, to whatever situation may be thrown my way.” -Lauren, WOHS class of 2013–currently studying at Butler University

-”The last two years of my high school career were honestly the best two years of all of my life…..Doing the International Baccalaureate Program was probably the best decision that I have ever made.” -Jared, WOHS class of 2013–currently studying at University of Kentucky

-”…..both IB and college are about thinking critically, your classes in college and IB are meant to converge on some higher topic, that both care more about doing well than following the exact pattern set before you.” -Kim, WOHS class of 2012–currently studying at University of Michigan

-”In IB, I got to know my peers well, but I also came to know myself. I’m not fearful of expressing opinions in class.” -Cinthia, WOHS class of 2012–currently studying at Western Michigan University

-”The Diploma Program prepared me for college, nothing I’ve had to do has come as a surprise or has been too hard yet.” -Lucy, WOHS class of 2012–currently studying at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

-”The International Baccalaureate program helped me apply what I was learning across a wide range of disciplines and to think at a more critical level. One of the benefits of IB being a smaller program at West Ottawa is that you get to work with teachers who are willing to push you, help you and listen to you on a closer level. These experiences have helped give me the skills and confidence to get involved in the classroom, as a research assistant, and in several leadership positions on campus.” -Carolyn, WOHS class of 2012–currently studying at Vanderbilt University

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