North Building: (616) 994-5000

South Building: (616) 738-6700

Course Registration

Register for Classes through the Parent Portal

You can sign up for WOHS classes for next year through the Infinite Campus Portal.

Once the registration “window” is activated in February, look for “Registration” in the upper left hand column.

Look for Course Requests and begin to enter the names of courses you want to choose.

The name will appear and then you can “select this course.” Be sure to choose the “N” code for north classes or the “S” code for south classes.

Add courses until you have 12 selections.

Be sure to also add alternative choices.

Counselors will be meeting with all students in February to discuss and review their selections.

Students are also encouraged to talk with parents and teachers about their curriculum choices.

Read About WOHS Courses

Before registering for classes, read about the courses West Ottawa has to offer on our New Online Course Guide.

Portal Access

Students can each have their own portal account. See your counselor if you do not currently have access to the Infinite Campus Portal.

Parents can sign up for a portal account through the WOPS website.