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College Research and Visits

College Research

Students and their families will soon realize that there are many college options available to them. Research and explore these options throughout your high school years.

Range of Educational Opportunities

There are many educational options following high school:

  • technical training
  • on-the-job apprenticeships
  • 2 year Associates degree
  • 4 year Bachelors degree

Junior & Senior Planning Meetings with counselor

Counselors encourage students, particularly in the spring of junior year, to ask for an appointment with their counselor for an in-depth “College Planning Meeting.” Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend with their son or daughter.

Counselors will assist students in matching up their career and college major interests with schools that have strong programs in those areas. Counselors will review admissions requirements.

Seniors and their parents are encouraged to once again set up a planning meeting with their counselor in the fall of their senior year. Counselors will once again review steps in the college application process and assist with important financial aid and scholarship information.

Career Cruising website

Students looking up careers on this site can link to a list of colleges that offer that major by looking on the “Education” tab in that career report.

Colleges information can also be found by looking in the “SCHOOLS” tab. Click on the state and you will see a complete listing of all colleges in that state. There is an excellent summary for each college and you can then link to their website.

Link here to Career Cruising. See your counselor for username and password if you have forgotten yours.

Visiting Colleges

Begin by exploring college websites. Once the search is narrowed down, students and their families will learn much about the college campus and programs by visiting the campus. This can take place prior either before or after a students sends in an application. Contact the Office of Admissions to set up a visit.

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