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College Application Process

Apply to college in the fall of senior year

It is best to complete college applications in September or October of your senior year.

Check with each college for special application deadlines.

The earlier you apply, the earlier you may be notified of a decision.

Complete college applications online

Most colleges now expect that you will apply online. Many students find this to be a much easier process than they anticipated.

Once you have completed the online application, request that your transcript and ACT scores also get sent to that college.

Tell your counselor where you have applied.

Request your WOHS transcript be sent to each college

Request that your official WOHS transcript be sent to each college. Request a transcript from the Parchment website.

Request your official ACT scores be sent to each college

Request that your official ACT score(s) be sent directly from ACT to each college.

You may already have listed certain colleges when you took the ACT. Check the report they sent you to see where scores were sent.

Know the month and year of the ACT score you wish to have sent. Request this from the ACT Website.

Check with each college if your application is complete

Call the college Admissions Office. Ask, “Is my application file complete?”

They will tell you if they have everything they need to review your application or if something is missing.

Common Application Online

Over 300 selective colleges and universities across the country, including the University of Michigan and Hope College, accept applications through the Common Application website.

Your counselor and teacher(s) will complete your recommendation through Common Application as well. You will need their e-mail address (spelled correctly) in order to request their electronic recommendation.

Link to the Common Application here.

Applications Fee Waiver

If you are a student on free or reduced lunch, your counselor can assist you in getting the application fee to the college or your choice waived.

Be sure to let your counselor know if this applies to you.

Senior meeting with your counselor

Work closely with your counselor throughout your senior year.

Begin in the fall with a senior meeting to review plans you’ve previously discussed with them.

Be sure to include your parents, as they often have questions as well.

As you progress through senior year, keep your counselor informed and be sure to ask them any questions you may have.