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Volunteer Directory « West Ottawa Public Schools

Volunteer Directory

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Athletic Boosters

Eric Olson, President
Mike Lacy, Vice President
David Sniegowski, Past Pres
Debbie Repeck, Secretary
Pam Bosch, Treasurer
Val Bares, Assistant Treasurer
Karl VonIns, Membership
Position Open, Concessions
Mike Lacy, Purchasing
Rene Mireles, Communication/Apparel

Music Boosters

Mary Matrosic, President
Annette Stone, Vice President
Lori Shepard, Treasurer
Position Open, Secretary
Shannon Yanek, Volunteer Coord

Drama Boosters

Barb Callahan


Amy LeVesque, President
Kim Olson, VP/Secretary
Lisa Anair, Treasurer

Volunteer Directory by School

No special skills are required! All concerned, willing people are invited and encouraged to join our team. There is a volunteer coordinator and staff room in every building.

Glerum Volunteer Coordinator

Shannon Bowker

Shannon Bowker, President
Open Position, Vice President
Open Position, Secretary
Open Position, Treasurer
Darla Davis, Project Coordinator

Great Lakes Volunteer Coordinators

Jackie Bonhomme

Stephanie Lehmann, President
Lynda Decan, Vice President
Bridget Schopp, Secretary
Christine Janetzke, Treasurer
Joannie Rauckhorst, Asst Treasurer

Lakeshore Volunteer Coordinators

Stephanie Thomas

Darci Gager, President
Nancy Lamberts, Vice President
Traci Howard, Secretary
Dawnel Antrup, Co-Secretary
Shelley Carl, Treasurer
Lisa Gerrits, Co-Treasurer

Lakewood Volunteer Coordinators

Laura Pohl & Susan Brown

Angie Servis, President
Kristen Owens, 1st Vice President
Amy Berard, 2nd Vice President
Meredith LaBurn, Secretary
Jean Ramirez, Treasurer
Carolina Verastegui, Assistant Treasurer

North Holland Volunteer Coordinator

Sherri Kouw

Jackie VanDam, President
Delilah Begay, Vice President
Melody Graves, Secretary
Elly Kobylinski, Treasurer

Pine Creek Volunteer Coordinator

Open Position

Nick Vega & Barb Weymon, Co-Presidents
Karen Pena, Vice President
Britney Perez & Kari Jones, Co-Secretaries
Kyle Ann Reed, Treasurer

Sheldon Woods Volunteer Coordinators

Open Position

Nicole Timmer, President
Tracy Branderhorst, Vice President
Shannon Sidhu/Sarah Black, Co-Secretary
Karen Seguin, Treasurer

Waukazoo Volunteer Coordinator

Christie Phillips

Renee Cross, President
Rachelle Rokos, Vice President
Laurel Hotchkiss, Secretary
Kathy Tubbergen, Treasurer
Rachelle Rokos, Webmaster

Woodside Volunteer Coordinator

Jennifer Millard

Tony Boersema, President
Open Position, Vice President
Chris Ackerson, Co-Vice President
Stephanie Harmon, Treasurer
Dave Felicelli, Co-Treasurer
Jessica Zoulek, Recording Secretary
Molly Truttman, Corresponding Secretary
Mary Triny Huerta, Translation Secretary
Elizabeth Moraw, Project Coordinator
Amy Bryant, Teacher Reps

Harbor Lights Middle School Volunteer Coordinator

Andrea Marek

Karen Lohman, Project Manager
Elen Davis, Assistant Treasurer

Macatawa Bay Middle School Volunteer Coordinators

Karen Kempker

Jane Frauenheim, 6th Grade Coordinator
Molly Snyder, 7th Grade Coordinator
Stacie Hoey, 8th Grade Coordinator
Lauri Sisson, Project Coordinator
Sarah Temple, PATS Treasurer

West Ottawa High School Volunteer Coordinator

Andrea Marek

Rosemary Erickson, Project Manager
Darla Robinson, Assistant Treasurer

JUNGLE (Graduation Party)
Amy LeVesque, Chair