Preschool (Ages 3-5)

It is the mission of the West Ottawa Public Schools to facilitate the quality preschool needs of the children and families we serve by implementing a safe, consistent learning environment, which enables intellectual, social, and physical growth for present and future students.

Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP)

GSRP is tuition-free to families that qualify and are accepted into the program. A child in the GSRP program will have experiences in initiative, social relations, creative representation, music, movement, language and literacy, and hands-on mathematics.

Children meet for half-day or full-day sessions Monday through Thursday during the program year (September – May). The GSRP program is located in our Lakewood and Pine Creek Elementary Schools. Transportation is not provided.

You may want to consider sending your child to GSRP if:

  • Your child is 4 by October 1, 2014
  • Your child resides in the West Ottawa Public Schools District
  • Your child and/or your family qualify for at least two state determined factors

For more information regarding GSRP, please contact Elizabeth VanderWege, Lakewood Principal, at (616) 786-1399 or Julia Maxwell, Pine Creek Principal, at (616) 786-1699.

Registration begins February 1 each year. To register for GSRP, please contact Brittany Metzner at Lakewood Elementary, located at 2134 W. Lakewood Blvd, phone number (616) 786-1300.

logo_PDF22014-2015 GSRP Registration Packet

West Ottawa Wonders (W.O.W.) Preschool Program

West Ottawa Wonders (W.O.W.) Preschool serves students ages 3-5. Located in Lakeshore Elementary, this non co-op preschool offers morning or afternoon classes. Running from September through May, the preschool addresses all areas of development including social, emotional, intellectual, and physical. Areas of emphasis include aesthetics, construction, language, fine motor, gross motor, pretend play, sensory, cognition, and social interaction.

For more information regarding W.O.W. Preschool, please contact Jens Milobinski at (616) 786-1499.

Registration begins February 1 each year. To register for W.O.W Preschool, please visit Lakeshore Elementary, located at 3765 168th Ave, phone number (616) 786-1400.

Spanish Immersion Preschool


Welcome to the Spanish Immersion Preschool Program at West Ottawa Public Schools. In Spanish Immersion preschool, your child will take advantage of the “window of opportunity” for learning a new language that exists during this developmental period in early childhood.

Our tution-based program allows him/her the opportunity to begin to develop proficiency in the Spanish language as well as to gain multicultural understanding and appreciation. By enhancing the regular preschool curriculum with emphasis on the Spanish language, your child will acquire skills all the developmental areas- social, emotional, cognitive, linguistic and physical.

This introductory level program is part of the West Ottawa Spanish Immersion Curriculum Continuum.


4 Year Old Program (by Sept. 1, 2014) M-W-F AM- $650/semester

3 Year Old Program (by Sept. 1, 2014) T/Th AM -$490/semester

(2 semesters per year, divided payment plan & tuition assistance maybe available for those who qualify through the Ready for School Initiative.

For more information regarding Spanish Immersion Preschool, please contact Jens Milobinski at (616) 786-1499

Registration begins February 1 each year. Enrollment packets are available at Lakeshore Elementary School, located at 3765 168th Ave, phone number (616) 786-1400.