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Podcasts & Videos « West Ottawa Public Schools

Podcasts & Videos

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Welcome to West Ottawa’s Educational Television Station!

The Education Station

• Cable Channel 96 on Charter Communications

West Ottawa Public Schools’ Education Station’s primary goal is to provide quality educational television for the Holland/Zeeland area. Programming focuses on the students and programs of the West Ottawa Public School District.

Most of what you see on the Education Station is created by West Ottawa students or staff. Video programs from our elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and Performing Arts Center make up the bulk of our programming schedule. School news broadcasts, events, performances, athletic contests, meetings and special programming are examples of what you will see on The Education Station. Additionally, some programs will also be posted on the district website for online viewing.

Programs listed below are also available for viewing on Charter Cable – Channel 96.

Watch WOBN

The students of West Ottawa produce the Morning Show and the Afternoon Show providing daily news and announcements regarding classes and school services. WOBN also produces the Seminar Show with information about other school activities, student happenings and general tips.

Contact Information

For more information about programming or West Ottawa
Video Services, please contact:

Carl Jastrzembski
Video Production – Multimedia
(616) 994-5060