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MI e-Library Project « West Ottawa Public Schools

MI e-Library Project

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Michigan E-Library Project

The Michigan e-Library at is a statewide Library of Michigan project (formerly called Access Michigan) that provides free access to Michigan residents to many commercial databases and much more. Passwords are required to access the databases from a remote (outside of a library) location. These passwords are available at all of the West Ottawa school libraries. Michigan driver’s license numbers also provide proof of Michigan residency.

InfoTrac consists of over 40 Gale databases. Included are many general and also topic specific databases, on a variety of levels from elementary to college. Magazines, newspapers, books and various multimedia sources are all indexed, with most having full-text articles.

Over 20,000 full-text books are available to browse or check out. One time registration is required at a school or public library prior to use at home.

LearningExpress Library
The LearningExpress Library is a test preparation site providing a wide variety of tests. Sample tests available include SAT, ACT, PPST, AP, GED, graduate school, grade level tests, military, civil service, and many more. Students and adults can complete the sample tests online, have them scored, and view the results.

You will need to register online at LearningExpress Library for a free account by providing your email address and a password before you can access the tests. It’s very easy and quick to register and your password will allow you future immediate access the next time you utilize the site.