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Food Service « West Ottawa Public Schools

Food Service

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Welcome to West Ottawa’s Food Services Department!

Nutrition Services

West Ottawa Public Schools Nutrition Services Department’s mission is to “support the education and work of our children, staff and community members.”

To achieve this mission, the Nutrition Services Department will serve appealing, nutritious, safely prepared foods; have positive relationships with it’s customers; continue the education and development of the Nutrition Services staff; and be fiscally responsible.

Key Facts

  • On average, more than 5,000 meals are served daily to children attending:
    - West Ottawa Public Schools
    - Ottawa Area Center
    - Sheldon Pines Regional Program
    - Corpus Christi Catholic School
  • ServSafe Certified staff in each building.
  • Students enjoy nutritious, well-balanced, quality meals.
  • Free and reduced price meals are available for qualified families. See your school secretary or the Nutrition Services Department for an application.
  • Children in all grade levels have entrée choices; a well stocked and varied fruit and vegetables; and skim milk or skim chocolate milk.
  • Middle Schools students have expanded choices in entrees, healthy snacks and vending machines.
  • High School students have the greatest variety of food choices to appeal to their sophisticated palates.
  • Macatawa Bay Middle School ‘s kitchen is the District’s base kitchen that prepares some entrée’s for participating schools. Each elementary school has a heat-and-serve kitchen for fresh hot meals. Harbor Lights Middle School and the High School’s north and south buildings also prepare the majority of their own meals onsite.

The Nutrition Services Department uses a pre-pay account system. All children have a bar-coded ID card that they use to make purchases from their account. When a child’s card is scanned, the cost of the meal is deducted from their account.

Operating under the guidelines of the National School Meal Program, the West Ottawa Public Schools Nutrition Services Department is a self-funded program. Federal and state reimbursement under the National School Meals Program provides partial funding.

The West Ottawa Nutrition Services Department continually looks for way to better serve its customers and has long been considered on the cutting edge of school meals in the State of Michigan!

How to Create an Online Lunch Account

Please call (616) 786-2100 or (616) 786-2109 to obtain your child’s ID number to set up your online account.

Free and Reduced Lunch Program and Application

To apply for meal benefits, please follow the instructions. Your application will be electronically forwarded to West Ottawa. If your family qualifies for free or reduced price lunch meal benefits, your children will also receive free or reduced price breakfast.

Department Contacts

Sara DeVries, Director of Food Service
Phone: (616) 786-2100









Austin Goff, Assistant Director of Food Service
Phone: (616) 786-2105