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Employee Relations « West Ottawa Public Schools

Employee Relations

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Welcome to West Ottawa’s Employee Relations and Marketing Department

Department Contacts

Greg Warsen, Assistant Superintendent of Employee Relations and Marketing
Phone: (616) 738-5781

Sue Vincent, Secretary
Phone: (616) 738-5780

Bernadette Watts, Secretary
Phone: (616) 738-5783

Employment with West Ottawa Public Schools

At West Ottawa, we have achieved consistent success because of our people. Creating an environment of respect, integrity and trust enables our professionals to carry out our mission – success for every student. Working within West Ottawa Public Schools provides our employees with a sense of purpose and satisfaction that cannot be found elsewhere. In addition, we offer competitive salary and benefits in an excellent atmosphere. We pledge to serve you in making your application and employment at West Ottawa a positive experience. Our office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

We invite you to view our vacant positions and complete an on-line application.

The additional role we play in Employee Relations is marketing. Our purpose here is to tell the story of West Ottawa. With so many successes, we feel compelled to let our community know how well their students and our schools are performing. To this end, we attempt to get our story out through a variety of means: digital media, traditional media, and word of mouth. If you are aware of something special that is happening to your student while at West Ottawa, we want to celebrate that; please let us know!

Guest (Substitute) Teacher Opportunities

West Ottawa Public Schools utilizes a private substitute teacher management firm called Professional Education Services Group (PESG). PESG employs all guest teachers for the Ottawa Area Intermediate School District (OAISD). If you would like to guest teach for the West Ottawa Public Schools, please contact PESG directly at 866-782-7277, or you may visit their website at

PESG will provide its employees with information regarding fingerprinting and background checks. After you have been approved through the fingerprinting and background check process, PESG will register you in an automated substitute calling system (referred to as AESOP). After you have registered in AESOP, PESG will notify your designated OAISD districts that you are available to guest teach.

The rate of pay for guest teachers at West Ottawa is as follows:

  • Days 1-15 – $90 per day or $45 per half day
  • Days 16-60 – $100 per day or $50 per half day

Days do not have to be contiguous or in the same position. Days requirement count is based on a school year.

Staff Resources & Links:

Educator Certification
Michigan Department of Education: Professional Preparation
The official State of Michigan website containing information on teacher certification.

Guest (Substitute) Teacher Request
AESOP: Substitute Placement & Absence Management
The absence reporting and guest (substitute) teacher request website.

ORS: Office of Retirement Services
The official State of Michigan website containing information on retirement for school employees.