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Career Exploration and WO Career Programs « West Ottawa Public Schools

Career Exploration and WO Career Programs

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The Importance of Career Research

There are thousands of careers from which to choose, with more being developed every day.

The WOHS Guidance Deparment offers many resources for students to assist them in career development, career exploration, and career selection.

Career Cruising Guidance Lesson

Counselors provide students with classroom career lessons each year in 9th, 10th and 11th grades in their successful living class, world history A and economics classes. Students access career information through the Career Cruising website. Students are encouraged to utilize this website throughout their 4 years of high school to look up various career options as it offers excellent up to date information. Visit this site at See counselor for username and password.

Interest survey on PLAN and ACT

Students take a career interest survey as part of their PLAN test in both 9th and 10th grade.

Another interest survey is given when students take their ACT in 11th grade.

These results indicate patterns of interest in six areas:

Artistic (A), Social (S), Enterprising (E), Conventional (C), Realistic (R), and Investigative (I).

Know the Six Career Pathways

  1. Arts and Communications
  2. Business, Management, Marketing & Technology
  3. Engineering, Manufacturing & Industrial Technology
  4. Health Services
  5. Human Services
  6. Natural Resources & Science

Meet with your counselor to discuss career options

Your counselor can be a valuable resource as you develop your career awareness.

Career knowledge, exploration and research will continue to expand your choices and assist you in college major selection.

Set up a Career Internship with our

WOHS Career Coordinator

Our Career Coordinator, Mrs. Dozeman, is a valuable resource for students seeking to have an unpaid (and sometimes paid, formerly known as CO-OP) work experience in their field of interest during their senior year of high school.

This is done through the Work Based Learning class which can be signed up for during registration or by contacting Mrs. Dozeman in the north Guidance Office, 994-5008 and

Five things your high school student should know about careers

Five things your high school student should know about careers

Michigan’s Hot 50

Michigan’s Hot 50 Jobs

Other valuable websites for students

Connections Academy

West Michigan is home to some of the most innovative companies and organizations
in the nation and the Connections Academy is an opportunity to experience what
these companies do first hand. The program will allow students to see and
experience several different career opportunities within various businesses/
organizations and gain useful skills that can be applied to whatever path they may
choose to pursue in the future. Participating businesses during the 2013/2014
school year include:
- Haworth, Inc.

- Herman Miller, Inc. – Gentex – Johnson Controls Inc.

- Holland/Zeeland City Government – Primera Plastics -Metal Flow

Students participating in the program will earn elective High School credit along
with 4 college credits from Grand Rapids Community College