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Advanced Courses/Programs « West Ottawa Public Schools

Advanced Courses/Programs

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Advanced & Accelerated Programs

SAIL program

West Ottawa Public School’s SAIL (Students Accelerating In Learning) Program has been established to meet the needs of the academically advanced elementary student. Research has shown that children who are academically advanced learn two to four times faster than the average student in their area of strength.

By providing students with an accelerated and more challenging program, students’ feelings of frustration with the pace of grade level curriculum can be alleviated. Studies show that single subject acceleration can lead to academic gains well beyond a child’s current grade level.

Accelerated learning

Students progress more rapidly in specific curricular areas than others. West Ottawa is proud to offer courses which opens doors for academic and personal growth.

  • Middle school students can take high school courses for credit at their middle school site. To further assist with planning, the following Sequence Guides, for each respective core area are provided below.
  • 4th and 5th grade elementary students attend advanced classes at their elementary site or classes at middle school locations.

Advanced placement (AP) classes

A wide range of AP classes afford students the opportunity to pursue college level instruction and the option of college credit within the high school setting. We currently offer an impressive array of eighteen different AP courses on the high school campus.

WOHS Advanced Placement Data

District, regional, state, and national competitions

West Ottawa participates on all levels in art, creative writing, debate, forensics, geography, instrumental music, Latin, math, robotics, science, spelling, theater, vocal music, and industrial/vocational arts

Dual enrollment

When appropriate, students may attend college classes at local institutions during the regular high school day. With a greater number and wider range of advanced placement classes offered at WOHS, more students are choosing to stay at the high school. Most students choose to enroll at the following colleges and universities:

  • Davenport University
  • Grand Rapids Community College
  • Grand Valley State University
  • Hope College
  • Kendall College or Art & Design (taught after school at West Ottawa High School)

Please see the High School/AP Course and Dual Enrollment Page on the WOHS website for more information.

Enrichment classes and activities

Offered periodically throughout the year and present the opportunity to explore various interests and strengthen skills:

  • Herman Miller Academy
  • Challenge

Extracurricular activities and programs

West Ottawa offers a variety of extracurricular activities.

International Baccalaureate

For more information please visit the International Baccalaureate page.

Northwestern University’s Midwest Talent Search (NUMATS)

Northwestern University’s Midwest Academic Talent Search (NUMATS) is a way to identify kids who need more. Not only does NUMATS provide access to above-grade-level testing, but it also gives parents a roadmap of which classes, extracurricular activities and enrichment programs will benefit their child the most. This is offered to 5th-8th grade students.

For more information please click on the NUMATS link.

District Contact: Kent Henson –
Harbor Lights School Contact: Ann Harris –
Macatawa Bay School Contact: Ron Wilson –

Program for Academically Talented at Hope College (PATH)

PATH is an accelerated math and writing skills program. 6th-9th grade participants meet various days during the week, progressing through the equivalent of four years of high school in two years.